Long Exposures - Shawn Moran

Simply put, long exposure photography is a type of photography that causes the lens on the  camera to stay open for seconds, or minutes at a time (compared to fractions of a second during a regular shot.) This allows more light to travel into the camera, and by doing this at night it allows a photographer to capture an extremely crisp and clear image. When done in the presence of a moving object (e.g. cars, buses, trains) the camera captures the lights emitted from those objects and creates streaks of lights which produce stunning and beautiful images. This type of photography can also be accomplished during the day, however it requires a certain filter to be used on a cameras lens. When done correctly during daylight hours a photographer has the ability to capture extremely stunning images of clouds and water scenes. Because of its awe-inspiring beauty, and the work that it takes to create these photos,  long exposure photography is truly my favorite!

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